Minnie Mouse Cupcakesminnie mouse cupcakes

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Minnie Mouse Cupcakes are a great idea for any occasion whether its your daughters birthday party or a girly night in.  When thinking about creating a minnie mouse cake, firstly you need to think about the design. Minnie mouse cupcakes tend to have pink, red and dotted colours and patterns and almost always include a bow and some cute minnie mouse ears. The character of minnie is cute so your minnie mouse cupcakes need to follow this.

A Minnie mouse cake is popular with minnie mouse party’s. Minnie mouse was created in 1928 and has remained one of the most recognizable characters in the Disney franchise. This is one of the reasons many children and parents choose to make minnie mouse cupcakes for their minnie mouse party. Minnie mouse typically wears a red and white dotted dress with a matching bow. This is important when creating your minnie mouse cupcakes.

There are many different designs of minnie mouse cakes. Some are big, some are small cupcakes but all are instantly relateable to minnie herself, even without her cute face. You could mix and match the 4  main colours, red, white pink and black. Bows and ears are a must when decorating your minnie mouse cupcake, and these are found in most cake stores.

Choose to have a minnie mouse birthday cake and accompany it with minnie mouse cupcakes. Your guests will not be disappointed. Cute little cupcakes always go down well at social gatherings so have a browse round this site to find some great minnie mouse cupcakes ideas.

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